Sporting Goods

With great adhesion to substrates TPE have found a home in many ergonomic grips and handles, providing excellent grip in both wet and dry environments.

TPE have been used in Fitness straps; Grip; Yoga mat; Goggles; Bicycle grips & pedals; Racket handles,….,etc.

TPE are durable, environmentally friendly and efficient. The use of thermoplastics saves thousands of dollars in production costs, saving labor and manufacturing costs.

TPE can also replace PVC, it is a more suitable solution for the production of leisure and toy equipment. Because TPE can make TPE a common substitute for synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Melting and reshaping, so waste can be reduced and used in recycling. In the ever-increasing “green” world, when TPE is used to sell products, this makes them a complementary point. Let's get detail about ZHILI TPE and TPR products now.