Quality service is the motivation that drives our professional technology to grow. In order to continue maintaining uncompromised quality, we have updated and strengthened the fully automation equipment thru a series of re- engineering operations in recent years, from equipment and process research, reform, innovation and the environment as a whole which greatly reduced errors and increased productivity and quality.

In addition, we paid more attention to the cultivation of talent quality, each of the production and sales personnel are becoming professional technicians. We provide the most complete professional services those have long been trusted by customers and win a good reputation plus the quality control process by computers and digitization. Achieving the goal of full-quality production and progressively cooperate with each customer's demand, we firmly believe that we will acquire more fruitful harvest in the future development.

We have been working very hard to have our company continuously develop, and innovate, and to implement the stability of quality that’s been insisting by us. In order to continue maintaining the diversification and integrity of the specifications of ZHILI TPES products and the perfection and stability of quality, we’ve invested a lot of funds in the research and development process. Introduction of sophisticated research and testing equipment, and the recruitment of professional R & D personnel and manufacturing talents to ensure the stability and quality of mass production. With new improvements and innovative materials, we tailor to make as customers’ requests at any time with better physical properties and new colors / hardness/physical requirements for their final products.

Inspection Equipment

Servo Control System Tensile Strength Tester
Infrared Moisture Determination Balance
Yellowing Tester
Abrasion Resistance Tester
Hardness Tester
Electronic hydrometer
Melt Flow Index Tester