ZHILI TPES COMPANY is the second largest manufacturers/suppliers/exporters of the TPR / TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) composites products in Taiwan since 1980. Our products are widely used in various industrial sectors to make their final products such as Hardware, Hand Tools, Medical Components, Sporting Goods, Bicycle Parts, Bathroom Accessories, Household Articles, ….,etc. For decades in the field of TPR and TPE Composites suppliers and manufacturers, we have a professional R & D group pouring their effort with nonstop research, innovation, and breakthrough technology to develop high-quality, good stability, environmentally friendly, non-toxic TPR / TPE materials.

With a series of re-engineering operations for upgrading and strengthening fully automated equipment along with researching, reforming, innovation and environmental protection of equipment and processes have been completely renewed, those greatly reduced errors and increased production capacity and quality upgraded.

TPR / TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) composites material is being very widely used to replace PVC, Rubber, Silicone, etc., while TPR's SEBS is a hydrogenated grade material which has very good performance for weather resistance and anti-oxidation while SBS can’t.

But this does not mean that SBS cannot be used. Instead, to be separated by different products, SEBS is mainly used for products those high-quality is required, and SBS is for economical product. Depending also on how often the product is being exposed to ultraviolet light, then we can determine the physical properties of various materials those are most suitable for usage of your products.

In view of the growing demand for plastic products in the global market, TPR / TPE has become a very closely connected and inseparable part of our daily life. In order to meet customers’ satisfaction, we provide also custom made product design services for evolving needs of the customers around the world.


We moved to Changhua in 2011, with 12,000 square meters of bigger new plant, ISO9001-2008 certified in 2014, and acquired ISO9001-2015 new certification in 2017.

For uncompromised quality’s concern, we own the most modern machine / equipment for production, and the latest type of QC inspection equipment as well as the experimental equipment to secure and control the quality of the final products.


We firmly stick to the professional, prudent, innovative, technical, efficient, quality, price and excellent service for all customers’ incoming orders, so as to bring big growth together with our customers.

For decades, we have been strictly in complying with this marketing strategy, ZHILI TPES COMPANY won a very good reputation in the international TPR / TPE composites material market. By now, we have been supplying our quality products to many global customers in different territories incl. Southeast Asia, Europe, North America (USA and Canada) and Latin America as well as Africa.

We will stick together with our existing customers through the marketing strategy that we have always insisted. Meanwhile, we also look much forward to seeking more and more customers/business partners worldwide to carry out a win-win goal.

Environmental Protection

As a responsible company, we are not going to be absent for protecting the environment, we insist on reducing the burden and pollution caused by our products.

Our R & D specialists have developed non-toxic materials through revolutionary and innovative technologies, and has produced zero contaminated environmental friendly materials with 100% recycling those have been approved through many different global tests/verifications such as PFOA, Heavy Metals, ROHS, BISPHENOL A, REACH, PAHS and California Proposition 65 inspection,…., etc.

We cherish every resource on the planet, a green energy environment needs to be created and maintained, we are willing to do every effort to work together with the international distribution partners those who care about the global environment to create a clean, pollution-free place for the next generation to live.